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Workers' Compensation Cases

The client stepped out of a work van and severely fractured his foot. He tried to handle the case without an attorney and made several statements that damaged his case. The insurance company refused to pay anything, leaving the worker with no income for several months, as well as twenty thousand dollars in medical bills. He hired Mr. Forbes, who investigated, prepared the case for trial and settled it the week before trial. The insurance company paid for the workers medical bills, his lost wages and compensation for his permanent impairment.

The deceased client was killed when a piece of heavy equipment ran over him. The insurer totally denied compensation, saying that the accident was not work related. The family hired Mr. Forbes, who tried the case and won. The insurer appealed, but eventually settled the case instead of taking their chances on an appeal.

Aviation Law

The client was seriously injured in an airplane accident. He hired another attorney, who ran into a stone-walling tactic by the insurance company. The insurer offered a settlement which was unacceptable. The other attorney requested Mr. Forbes assistance in the case. Mr. Forbes took one deposition in the case, questioning the pilot about violations of the Federal Aviation regulations, which the insurance company attorney had not anticipated. Based on the pilot's admissions in this testimony, the case settled for over five times the insurance company's "final" offer to the original attorney.

The client-pilot wrecked his airplane when the propeller came apart in mid-air. The propeller company refused to pay anything. Mr. Forbes filed suit, and the company settled before trial.

Civil Law

The client contracted to buy a piece of land, and for the seller to make improvements to the property, such as installing a septic tank. The seller failed to honor the contract. Mr. Forbes filed suit, and the seller offered $3000 to settle. Mr. Forbes filed suit, tried the case, and obtained a verdict of $24,000.

The client performed work for a building owner under a service contract. The owner refused to pay anything. Mr. Forbes filed suit and obtained a verdict of over $12,000.

Criminal Law

The client was incarcerated with an ongoing prescription of psychiatric drugs. He had a confrontation with a guard, and was charged with assault on a correction officer. Mr. Forbes subpoenaed the director of the local mental health center, as well as the records of medication from the prison, and was able to establish that the defendant was being given twice the prescribed dosage, resulting in the defendant's not knowing what he was doing. The jury agreed, finding the defendant NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY. This is the only such verdict in that county in the 20th century.

The client was accused of taking indecent liberties with his daughter, which is a felony. Mr. Forbes cross-examined the child's mother about her using the criminal prosecution as a tool in the child-custody case, and caught her coaching the child during her testimony. The jury retuned a verdict of NOT GUILTY on all counts.

The client was accused of possession of drugs. During this trial, the police officer claimed that the client had confessed on the way to the station, a fact they intentionally withheld from the defense in violation of the law. The judge allowed the testimony over objection. Undaunted, Mr. Forbes sequestered the officers so they could not hear each other testify. When their stories contradicted each other, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

Personal Injury

The client was injured in an automobile accident which occurred as he was passing another vehicle. The insurance company totally denied liability based on the client's alleged "contributory negligence". The client rejected a last minute offer of barely enough to cover the medical bills. The jury returned a verdict of nearly six times the medical bills.

The client was rear-ended and injured her back. She tried to settle the case herself and received the usual low offer from the insurance company. She came to Mr. Forbes, just before the statue of limitations ran, and Mr. Forbes filed suit. The case eventually settled at mediation for twenty thousand more than the client was originally offered.

Note: The outcome of each case depends upon the facts of the case and the applicable law.