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How to Choose an Attorney

When you need help, one of the toughest choices you will have to make is finding an attorney you can depend on. If you do not know which lawyer would best represent you, a good place to start is by asking those you trust. Friends and family are usually quick to let you know if they have had good or bad experiences with attorneys.

Once you have a list of possibilities, you should thoroughly interview each attorney to find out if they have the knowledge and experience to handle your case. Below are a few important questions to ask an attorney when considering them.

  • What similar cases have you handled?
  • How many cases have you actually tried in the past year?
  • How many years have you been practicing law?
  • Will you handle my case for a fixed fee, a contingency fee or at an hourly rate?
  • What are the best and worse case scenarios for my case?
  • Are there any alternatives to going to court? Can the issue be settled or mediated?
  • Who is the judge that will hear my case? What are his or her likes and dislikes?
  • Do you have a reputation with the insurance companies? Do they believe you will try a case or do they know you will settle rather than fight for your client?
  • For hourly rates, are paralegals or assistants available to handle routine matters at lower costs?
  • What is the estimated cost? Can I get an estimate in writing?
  • Do you charge for out-of-pocket expenses like copies, faxes, administrative fees and postage?

We offer a free case evaluation where Joe will answer these types of questions for you, to help you make an informed decision about choosing him as your attorney. It is not about rapid case turnover for Joseph Forbes, it is about YOU. We may not be on TV or radio, but we get our results where it matters - in the court room.